Based on input from the Town of Rutland, the RDIC, the Rutland Heights State Hospital Reuse Master Plan, and the local community on what is most desired in Rutland, these renderings of proposed infill at Rutland Heights allow us to envision what a mixed use development would look like and where amenities would be most appropriately located. The renderings of the site currently include assisted living housing, grocery store, community center, laboratory, offices, retail stores, solar farm, off-leash dog park, playground, 1-mile walking loop and trails, open space, picnic facilities, rugby fields, plus roads and parking lots. 

"Need more jobs for our youths instead of them going outside of town for employment"

"It would be nice to see Rutland grow in a green business way"

"Need to have more for children, i.e. arcade, winter rec room, somewhere for older children"

"I think it would be good to have mixed use, commercial/residential growth in the Heights, where there would be small business, i.e. cleaners/salon/groceries and housing"

"We need to increase the tax base and offer more stores/restaurants in town"

"It would be nice to have something in our own town, rather than giving other towns our business"

"We need an affordable grocery store like Market Basket"

"I think that the "Heights" property is a diamond in the rough and could turn out to be the precious jewel Rutland needs"

Community Responses from the 2016 Town of Rutland Economic Development Survey