86 Maple Ave (Route 56)

Site Features

Available Area: +/- 87 acres (30 acres set aside for open space/preservation)

Utilities Available: Electricity, telephone, internet, water, and sewer

Roadway: Rutland State Hospital Rd connects to Central Tree Middle School and Naquag Elementary School  

2016 Traffic Counts:

Maple Ave (Route 56), South of Main St (Route 122A), Northbound traffic flow

  • NB/EB: 2,368

  • SB/WB: 2,450

  • Total: 4,818

Local Capacity for Economic Development: Rutland Development and Industrial Committee (RDIC)

Natural Environment: Abundance of natural beauty including a mature landscape of scattered trees and forest, plus a five-acre pond which lies in a small valley

roads capture.JPG

Located at 86 Maple Ave, directly off Route 56, Rutland Heights is centrally located in the state and easily accessible for local residents.

Highway Access: 

  • <10 minutes from Routes 122, 122A, 56, 68, 31

  • 20 minutes from I-190, I-290, MA Route 9

  • 30 minutes from I-90, MA Route 2

  • 40 minutes from I-495

Airport Access:

  • Worcester Regional Airport – 8 miles

  • Boston Logan International Airport – 63 miles

  • T. F. Green Airport – 60 miles

  • Manchester-Boston Regional Airport – 60 miles

  • Bradley International Airport – 68 miles

zoning capture.JPG
Zoning and Potential Uses

Zoning: All uses must conform to the Heights Planned Development District

Best-Fit Uses:

  • Light industrial

  • Small retail

  • Recreation

  • Open space

  • Senior housing

All uses must be consistent with the Rutland Heights State Hospital Reuse Master Plan. All proposed developers are instructed to review the Plan.


  • Developable land rests on relatively flat ground at top of the hill and near street level

  • Most of site has slopes between 7-10% 

  • Several isolated locations with steep slopes (25-35%)

  • Pond and brook areas within the property

History of the Property

Rutland Heights Hospital was constructed in 1895 as a hospital for patients with tuberculosis. The treatment for tuberculosis at the time was fresh air, rest, and nutritious food, therefore Rutland was chosen as an ideal location. The hospital transitioned to a Veteran’s Hospital in 1922 and finally closed its doors in 1991. Since then, the Town has been working with local residents and state representatives on developing a reuse plan for the site. The 87-acre parcel was purchased by the Town for $456,000 in 2012. 

Before the Town was able to obtain the land, there were a number of obstacles to overcome. Former selectman Ray Becker started a committee to draft a re-use policy for the property that was approved by Senator Stephen Brewer, D-Barre, and then state representative David Bunker, who both worked to get the property deed transferred to the town and have money allocated for the purchase.

In 2002, work was done to bid for cleaning up the property and razing the property’s buildings from foundations to four feet below grade. The clean-up process removed medical waste from the former tuberculosis hospital, as well as hazardous waste from the facility’s former power plant. Site clean-up was particularly challenging due to its proximity to the residential Maple Street neighborhood.

Old water and sewer lines have been removed and replaced, which benefits neighborhoods in the area, allowing them to hook up to sewer. Additionally, the road from Maple Street to Central Tree Middle School has been rebuilt, relieving Main Street from morning traffic stress and giving the school a seamless connection to the street.

The RDIC recently released a Request for Proposals in search of suitable developers for the property.